About Cask Viking
We buy and sell Scottish whisky

We remember the feeling of finding a new amazing whisky. Now, we’re bringing it to you.

Cask Viking is a company of whisky lovers with vast experience from both buying and selling whisky. With connections all around the globe, from distilleries to realtors, we’re now bringing you a fine selection of whisky to an affordable price tag.

A note from the Founder:

“My name is Robin Andersson, founder of Cask Viking. Business owner and whiskey connoisseur from the west coast of Sweden. A couple of unprecedented whisky tastings turned into a life-long passion as my interest in whisky grew stronger with the years.

While buying and selling casks in Scotland, I decided to embark on my own journey and therefore founded Cask Viking. My mission is to reach the full potential of the craft, and offer my clients the best experience of collecting and investing in whisky.

Welcome aboard on this tasteful journey!
Thank you for sharing a glass with me! 

Robin Andersson
Founder of Cask Viking

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